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make fun of perrie all you want but she’s the one that makes zayn hit his high notes in bed 

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Zayn today in London (15.04.2014) - x

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“People who call themselves “fans” yet hate on 1D’s girlfriends and family are just annoying and pathetic” — Zayn’s cousin on ask (via beauthirlful)

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@LittleMix: Cheeky bugger! ;) Perrie <3

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@naughtyboymusic: studio and spaghetti with @zaynmalik and @kreptplaydirty

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studio and spaghetti with @zaynmalik and @kreptplaydirty #sorryaboutthechillibro #11:11 x/x


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@nadiatahery: This is a bit bad cos we didn’t find the keys before, but was really awesome to chat with you guys! @louist91

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Day out at the petting farm :) @katherine_spires Perrie <3

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